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17 Via De Luna Drive 
Pensacola Beach, FL 32561
(850) 932-4670 
30°20'05.8"N 87°08'09.7"W
7800 Pine Forest Rd 
Pensacola, FL 32526
(850) 285-0574
30°30'38.9"N 87°18'29.6"W

Any reservations booked for the months of Nov / Dec that are more than 7 nights length of stay, will require a 1 night non refundable deposit. 21 days prior to arrival the reservations will require 50% payment of the outstanding balance to guarantee the booking. The 50% prepayment is non refundable, along with the 1 night deposit.

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Mission and Core Values

We provide a pristine RV Resort experience with exceptional customer service geared toward creating lasting memories for our guests.

Togetherness –

We are united by our passion to create lasting memories for our guests.

Dependability –

We go beyond the expected to provide unparalleled hospitality.

Integrity –

We are honest, committed, and determined to do what is best for our guests and our company.

Fun –

We try not to take ourselves to seriously, we make fun happen!


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About us

Once upon a time there were two investment groups that got together and purchased the Holiday Homes on the Gulf, the Holiday Townhouses on the Sound and then used the adjacent properties to build Shea’s Tiki House Motel and Lounge. For the purposes of our story we shall call one investment group the ‘Fun Guys’ and the other investment group the ‘Mean Guys.’

Holiday Homes was located on the Gulf side and the Holiday Townhouses were on the Sound side. Both developments were built in 1952 and designed around the idea of families having the perfect vacation all together. Unfortunately Holiday Homes on the Gulf of Mexico was eventually destroyed by a Hurricane.

After the destruction of Holiday Homes the investment group decided to build the first franchised hotel on Pensacola Beach. In 1973 the Howard Johnson was born with 100 rooms, the Orange Roof Restaurant, and the Rum Keg Lounge.

Shea’s Tiki House Motel became the place to be on Pensacola Beach. The Gulf side had a total of 45 rooms, a pool, and the famous Tiki Lounge. The Tiki Lounge was located underneath the rooms on the Gulf side (see picture) with the Gulf waters just steps away. On the Sound side the Tiki House had 24 units and a pool.

As time went on the ‘Mean Guys’ investment group decided that they were better equipped to run these developments. The ‘Fun Guys’ investment group decided to let the ‘Mean Guys’ buy them out of all of the projects except the Holiday Townhouses which the ‘Mean Guys’ believed was a waste of money. So the two investment groups went there separate ways. But of course the story can’t stop here…

Within three years time the ‘Mean Guys’ investment group went bankrupt and all three of their properties: Howard Johnson, Tiki House on the Gulf, and the Tiki House on the Sound, went up for foreclosure. Since the ‘Fun Guys’ investment group already owned the property next door they decided to buy back the Tiki House on the Sound. Now they owned almost 7 acres of land with about 600 feet of water on the Sound side.

The ‘Fun Guys’ investment group was now running the Holiday Townhouses and the Tiki House on the Sound. The Holiday Townhouses had five buildings with a total of 20 units. The Tiki House Motel had a total of 24 units. These 44 units were run with success by a staff of two desk clerks, one maintenance man, and one maid.

The maintenance man, Charles, was one of the most vivacious and dedicated people you would ever know. His career started with the Tiki House and ran all the way though to the RV Resorts. He was an amazing human being and we will remember him always.

So as things go in Florida a few Hurricanes happened. All of the Holiday Townhouses were destroyed but one which still stands today in between sites 31 and sites 32. The entire 24 units of the Tiki House Motel was also demolished by mother nature. The property sat empty but for during the Blue Angels Air Shows when the ‘Fun Guys’ investment group would rent out parking spots.

In about 2008 the ‘Fun Guys’ investment group got their first tax bill for the 6.9 acres of land on Pensacola Beach. Prior to this lease-hold property was not subject to property tax. Needless to say it was a large bill for a vacant lot, this pushed the group into action. They needed to develop the land into something new and exciting that the community was in need of, something Pensacola Beach didn’t have. Pensacola Beach RV Resort was born!

Pensacola Beach RV Resort opened September 20, 2012, just before De Luna Fest. It was a crazy weekend to open and we had a packed house for the event weekend. Since then we have learned a lot, made some mistakes, made lots of improvements and most of all enjoyed being a part of creating memories for our guests. We had so much fun creating this RV Resort that we decided to try it again…

When a piece of property just one mile off of Interstate 10 become available for sale, Pensacola North RV Resort was born. Pensacola North RV Resort opened June 30, 2020 and is in the perfect spot for a short lay over or a weekend watching the races. This property lies on over 6 acres of protected wetlands with Eight Mile Creek running through it, the natural beauty is breath taking.

But don’t worry the story doesn’t stop here stay tuned for Phase II of Pensacola North RV Resort.

Everyone involved in the creation and development of both of our RV Resorts would like to sincerely thank our RV guests from the bottom of our hearts. You guys make everything we do worth it, we could not ask to be a part of a better community.

Thank you..