North FAQ

  1. Can I wash my vehicle or RV while parked in my site?
  • No washing of any vehicles at any time is permitted at the RV Resort without prior approval by management. If approved, requests will be subject to a $20 water usage fee.
  • Auto Spa is an approved RV detailer and will communicate with management in regards to all cleanings as well as pay for your $20 water usage fee.

2. Can I bring my own charcoal or gas grill to use on my site?

  • Charcoal or gas grills are allowed (please do not place them on the grass or picnic tables).
  • There are two charcoal-only trash cans. Do not put charcoal in the regular trash bins as this poses a fire hazard.
  • Next to the Clubhouse is a gas grill available for all guests on a first come first service basis.

3. Where do I throw my trash away?

  • We have five conveniently located trash bins for guests to place their regular trash. There are also 2 metal charcoal bins for disposal of charcoal only.
  • Please do not leave your trash at the end of your site because it causes an order and bugs.

4. Can I put up flags, banners, decorations etc. up at my site?

  • Spikes, posts, stakes or any other objects may not be driven into any surface on or around sites.
  • Guests who wish to put these items up must have PNRVR maintenance help in order to ensure irrigation lines are not damaged.

6. Where can I put outgoing mail?

  • Outgoing mail can be placed in the mail box located next to the clubhouse at the end of the steps. All incoming mail can be collected during business hours in the Clubhouse lobby.

7. Why do the sprinklers keep hitting my RV?

  • We run our sprinkler system at night between the hours of 11 PM and 8 AM, we work very hard to keep the sprinkler system from watering anything but the grass.
  • Please let us know if you have a sprinkler that is disturbing your site but keep in mind that in providing a beautiful RV Resort with green grass we do have to be able to water the grass.

8. Why can’t I get all of the TV Channels on my TV?

If you are unable to get all of the TV Channels please try the following:

  • Be sure your coaxial cable is properly connected and you have a digital ready TV.
    • Make sure that your booster switch, satellite, etc. are turned OFF & the INPUT/SOURCE button is set to TV.
    • Select your menu button on the TV remote and find TV channel search and select, if possible check the box for an advanced TV channel search (the search can take up to 20 minutes).
  • If you have performed these steps and you are still not able to connect to all of the channels please call us at the office (850) 285-0574 during business hours and we will send someone to your site to help!

9. Are pets welcome?

  • Pets are ALWAYS welcome at Pensacola North RV Resort as long as their owners are well behaved.
  • Please see our Pet Policies located on the website or in your brochure.
  • We have one off leach dog run area. It is located between sites 36 and 37. This area is equipped with dog poop stations and poop picker uppers.
  • You are free to walk you dog on leach anywhere in the resort as long as you respect other people’s areas and ALWAYS clean up after them.

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